EOS Committee

The Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee

The EOS Committee is an oversight body appointed by the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting, to oversee intelligence, surveillance, and security service carried out by, or on behalf of, public authorities in order to safeguard national security interests. The Committee is independent from the Storting, but reports back to the Storting every year by way of an annual report. The EOS Committee comprises seven members, and its current chair is Eldbjørg Løwer.

  • The Committee is responsible for continuous oversight of the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS), the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), and the Norwegian Defence Security Agecy (FSA), collectively known as the “EOS services”. Intelligence, surveillance, and security service performed by, or under management of, other public authorities shall also be subject to the Committee’s oversight.
  • The Committee is independent of the EOS services and the remainder of the public administration.
  • The Committee will carry out regular inspections of the services, both in their administrative headquarters and in local units.
  • The Committee investigates complaints lodged by individuals and matters raised on its own initiative.
  • The purpose of the oversight is primarily that of safeguarding the security of individuals under the law, but the Committee shall also make sure that the EOS services keep their activities within the legislative framework applicable to them.

A majority of the information the Committee receives in its capacity as oversight authority is classified information pursuant to the Security Act, and, consequently, this information is subject to a duty of secrecy. This duty imposes limitations on the contents of the Committee’s reports to the Storting and information to the general public regarding its activities. However, the Committee believes it is important to provide the public with a realistic and sensible view of the EOS Committee's activities. The Committee thus, in dialogue with the services in question, continuously works to facilitate for a greater degree of disclosure regarding the services’ activities in general.

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